"XVI Friends of Aviation and Masuria International Fly-In & Mazury AirShow 2014" per a brief moment...!

As has already become a tradition cultivated since 1999 that the first weekend of August fans and enthusiasts of aviation meet together in the Great Masurian...

Welcome to the website of Mazury Airport Ketrzyn Wilamowo!

      Ketrzyn Wilamowo Airport, located in the Great Masurian Lakes is a former (during World War II) airport belonged to the top-secret Hitler's quarter. Currently the airport is operating sport, tourism and bisness aeroplanes. At the airport operates Aero Club of the Lake District and the Department of Warmia and Mazury Airport Border Guard . The Aeroclub of the Lake making its statutory tasks in the airport in the summer season (from May to October) is organizes many cycles - open for the public air events.

      The Events season always begins on May 1st with "Prologue - Picnic with the Army Aviation," and ends with a ceremony in October with. "The Memorial Day of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski and Pope John Paul II."

      The most important event implemented at the airport since 1999 is "International Fly-in of Avation Friends - Mazury Aviation Festival ". In 2008, we celebrated the first major anniversary celebrations Masuria Air - it was an impressive tenth edition. It always was and still is the largest aviation event organized large public non-profit organizations in Poland. At the festival in different years were coming from 70 to 100 aircraft and about 30,000 observers(visitors). Admission to the airport for enthusiasts at our events is free.

      In the years 2002-2007 on the initiative of the Lake District Aero Club organized the 6th editions of the European Aviation Fair, which gave the opportunity to meet the integration of international aviation environment.
In 2007 we were awarded by the Polish Aero Club in organizing the Polish Championships in Acrobatics glider, whose organization and conduct of the participants received high scores and leadership Polish Aeroclub.

      In 2008 he was responsible for us to organize a rally of European AN-2, which was considered to be the largest to date, and AKJ received numerous congratulations from various circles of international and institutional satisfaction.

      In recognition of the ongoing air events at the airport in 2008, the Aero Club of the Lake District has received, among others. mon distinction. "The Tourist Product of the Year 2008" from the Warmia-Mazury Regional Tourist Organization, as well as the chapter of the "Best Product and Service Warmia and Mazury" in competition "other services", assessed at most our air events giving us the prestigious statuette in 2009, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism highlighted AKJ Badge of Honour "for his contribution to Tourism." In 2011 AKJ again been awarted by the W-MROT certificate "Travel Product of the Year 2011" for organizing and popularizing air rallies.  

      In 2013 jury of the competition “The Best Product and Service Available of Warmia and Mazury”  honored the statuette for “Mazury AirShow” for the best event in the region.

      Year 2013 was a continuation of 15 years of our experience " Mazury Aviation Festivals". The main intention of 2013 was to continue the impressive air shows under the name "Mazury Airshow 2013" carried out in Giżycko over Niegocin lake. However attractive proposals for aircrews were an essential element "The Friends of Aviation and Masuria International Fly-In" on which fans of Masuria came from Europe. 

      In 2014 we plan to continue the current calendar of events and the most important will be the "XVI The Friends of Aviation and Masuria International Fly-In" on 31.07-3.08.2014 whose finale (Saturday and Sunday) will be air shows "Mazury AirShow 2014" - performed in exceptionally charming water scenery over Niegocin lake.    

      For a full list with a description of events planned for 2014 presents a special section - Calendar of events.                                                                                               

      Pilots, aviation enthusiasts and Mazur are welcome at the airport Ketrzyn Wilamowo and events planned by us!

      We will do everything to make your stay with us an attractive and memorable.

  See you in the Great Masurian Lakes!

  See you at the airport Ketrzyn Wilamowo!



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